[PW] Time to transfer to the new Project Wombat list

Sylvia Milne sylviamilne at btinternet.com
Sat May 28 06:32:44 PDT 2022

There are now no messages coming into this old Version of Project Wombat apart from spam. 
Apparently we have the servers only until November. After that the list will expire. 
The fact that the system is still periodically unsubscribing members, suggests that there are some people still remaining. I suggest that they should transfer to the new Google group as soon as possible. 

You can request membership at:

https://groups.google.com/group/proj-wombat That will put you into a pending list, and any owner/manager can OK you. 
If you get stuck, please let me know and I can add you manually. 

Sylvia Milne
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