[PW] Bouncing into the lifeboat

Sylvia Milne sylviamilne at btinternet.com
Tue May 10 02:15:52 PDT 2022

There has been another bunch of fatal bounce notices today. 

It is worth repeating Peter’s original message with its history of the group and advice about joining the Google Groups version:

It may be time to clamber into the lifeboat. The Mailman version is falling to pieces, but we need a brief bit of history,

Way back, there was STUMPERS-L, then there was a legal situation. It involved Dominican University, which hosted STUMPERS-L, and somebody wanting to have his archived posts removed. When this was not done, he threatened a law suit, and the hosting was withdrawn. John Franklin set up this version on Mailman, which is user-ferocious, and then as list owner, he established seven moderators. I got a moderator guernsey mainly because of my time zone, I think. John decided that to avoid future legal problems, we should all be anonymous.

Then John disappeared, and while we had a backup owner, we staggered along, but recently, the system has been tossing people out, and I, apparently, was removed as a moderator. One of the few remaining moderators started getting bulk notices of people being unsubbed. Now, it seems, I am no longer a member, though that is more recent. Repeated attempts to climb back up on the cart, using three different email addresses have all failed. I think that this message  will be accepted.

It seems to be time to get in the lifeboat, but not yet time to abandon ship.  Once we get above 100 members, we can discuss that: for now, perhaps queries and replies can be sent, both to *list at project-wombat.org* and to*proj-**wombat at googlegroups.com**. *

*The lifeboat*

Three years back, fearing the worst, a few of us put together a shell of Project Wombat, using Google Groups.This had twelve members, and it sat there, as our fallback, and now, it seems, it may be time to jump ship, and using a backroom group, there are now 28 members, we seem to have most of the bugs out.The key feature of this version: transparent management, allowing continuity because lots of old hands are managers , and the four former moderators and an old hand known to us all are now owners. Managers can do most of the fixing, and so long as one owner remains visible and viable, we can carry on. As things stand, there will be no moderation, but owners and managers can delete spam and ban senders: we can tighten things up if the pace builds up.

*How to join*

1. I can't test this, because all of my email addresses are known to Google, so I can't sneak in as a naive user, but I gather that some people went to <https://groups.google.com/group/proj-wombat> and found a way to request membership. If you can find the way to do this, please do so, and please post here how you did so. That will put you into a pending list, and any owner/manager can OK you. There is apparently a place where you state a reason: just say *"I'm an old Wombat"*, and we'll know what to do.

2. This is harder for me, but a number of people have had problems dealing with Google Groups: if you send me an email to <*petermacinnis at ozemail.com.au*> with the subject exactly this: *Project Wombat Let Me In*, I can do it for you. I will set up a filter, and manually add people. Before you do that, please look at <*https://groups.google.com/g/proj-wombat/members*>, because a few people have been there all along, and in the next hour. I will be checking past emails and tossing a few earlier requesters into the mix.

peter macinnis (NOT a librarian, but a devotee of Erudite, the goddess of smarty-pantses).
second deputy assistant janitor and oilcan driver

Sylvia Milne
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