[PW] Reluctant Farewell

Sylvia Milne sylviamilne at btinternet.com
Fri Apr 15 08:21:16 PDT 2022

I was not a founder member of Stumpers-L but joined after the baby wombat repeated messages. I joined after seeing it mentioned in a library journal and was probably one of the first non-Americans to be a member. 
Before the WWW became a useful resource, I found Stumpers invaluable for information when I was working in a university library. 
When the list was ejected by its then host, I was one of the people invited by John Franklin to be a moderator. It’s some time ago, but I think that there were six selected according to time zones. 
One is dead, one seemed to drift away and one has recently been rejected by the system. 
John Franklin disappeared without trace and I and another active moderator realised to our great concern  that we had no way of running the list. 
To our surprise, it was recently revealed that John Franklin had appointed a deputy owner and that this person transferred the ownership to themselves. Unfortunately, they do not have the technical skills to maintain the list. 
Essentially, I am the last remaining moderator. 
Recently, I have had a spate of messages unsubscribing members without their consent. This suggests serious problems with the host. 
For a few days, I have been conducting an experiment and not moderating. As the other supposedly active moderators have not responded to moderation messages, postings from Open and FM have not been getting through. 
I feel that this is an unsatisfactory state of affairs and have reluctantly decided to step down as a moderator. 
If Australian Peter is public spirited enough to continue Project Wombat as a Google Group, I shall of course support

Sylvia Milne
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