[PW] who first thought that reticent meant reluctant?

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Is "to be survive" a solecism?

Fred Shapiro

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Subject: [PW] who first thought that reticent meant reluctant?

 At some time in the 20th century a number of strange solecisms appeared: writers started using "reticent" to mean "reluctant", and "prevaricate" to mean "procrastinate", to mention only the chief examples. (The phenomenon was noted by Burchfield in his edition (1996)  of Fowler as a small but growing thing.) I have collected many instances of these solecisms from both fiction and non-fiction books, and I want to know how they started --  who was the first to utter them, and how was he misled?  The OED is of no help here, but perhaps the Wombats can help.  What is the earliest example you know of such solecisms? Have you any idea of how they originated, and why they seem to be survive?                         Mark Halpern
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