[PW] Trans-Atlantic ship 1881?

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I can't help you with Berliner's outgoing ship, but this may narrow down
the date for you. Here is his application for a passport, dated April 13
and 14 of 1881. Note that it is four pages long:


For information on landings in Germany, I suspect that you will have to
check with a records bureau in the city to which he sailed (probably Bremen
or Hamburg). Luckily, they keep *everything*, so you're likely to have



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On Sun, Feb 27, 2022 at 4:21 PM Allen Koenigsberg <allenamet at aol.com> wrote:

>    Although Emil(e) Berliner is generally known as the inventor of the
> Gramophone and the first disc (sound) records, there are still several
> mysteries about his early life that have escaped detection in all reference
> books (then and now).
>   In 1881, he went to Germany to settle some matters regarding his (mfg)
> work for Bell's telephone and probably settle up on his "avoidance" of the
> 1870 Draft (in Germany). He had been born in Hannover in May 1851, came to
> the US in 1870, and became a US citizen on Dec 30, 1880 (then living in
> Boston).
>   He came BACK from his 1881 trip, leaving Hamburg on Aug 24th on the "SS
> Lessing" and arrived in NYC on Sep 7th, 1881 (in time to get married).
>   So what's the problem, you may ask? The enduring question, unsolved for
> many years, is how/when he got to Germany in order to take the return trip!
>   We know that he obtained a US Passport on April 18, 1881, a practice he
> would follow for years just before such a trip. However, he did not specify
> the exact date he was leaving OR the name of the ship.
>   I have been through several newspaper databases, FamilySearch, &
> Ancestry to see if his "slight" fame got him (or his voyage) noticed, no
> luck.
>   The $64 puzzle is: on what exact date did he leave the US in 1881 for
> his German trip and on what ship??

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