[PW] Trans-Atlantic ship 1881?

Allen Koenigsberg allenamet at aol.com
Sun Feb 27 13:21:42 PST 2022

   Although Emil(e) Berliner is generally known as the inventor of the Gramophone and the first disc (sound) records, there are still several mysteries about his early life that have escaped detection in all reference books (then and now).
  In 1881, he went to Germany to settle some matters regarding his (mfg) work for Bell's telephone and probably settle up on his "avoidance" of the 1870 Draft (in Germany). He had been born in Hannover in May 1851, came to the US in 1870, and became a US citizen on Dec 30, 1880 (then living in Boston).
  He came BACK from his 1881 trip, leaving Hamburg on Aug 24th on the "SS Lessing" and arrived in NYC on Sep 7th, 1881 (in time to get married).
  So what's the problem, you may ask? The enduring question, unsolved for many years, is how/when he got to Germany in order to take the return trip!
  We know that he obtained a US Passport on April 18, 1881, a practice he would follow for years just before such a trip. However, he did not specify the exact date he was leaving OR the name of the ship.
  I have been through several newspaper databases, FamilySearch, & Ancestry to see if his "slight" fame got him (or his voyage) noticed, no luck.
  The $64 puzzle is: on what exact date did he leave the US in 1881 for his German trip and on what ship??
   Thanks!  It's a tough one...
Allen Koenigsberg
allenamet at aol.com

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