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Hi,       Thanks very much for this citation - it is briefer than I had imagined, but very helpful since Berliner had just traveled to England at the end of April for business. It verifies the ship's manifest (Teutonic), as I increasingly have to do with errors on Ancestry.com.
 It would be Berliner who introduced the famous trademark of the dog and gramophone into America in 1900. I am trying to establish an accurate timeline for that enterprise. Too many sources get it wrong...
Thanks again!
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ProQuest has a database with extensive coverage of "The Washington
Post". This database is available through some research libraries. The
database Newspapers.com has some coverage, but not 1899. See the
information given further below.

The target article is available via ProQuest. I performed OCR (optical
character recognition) on the target article titled "LONDON GOSSIP"
and was only able to find a single statement about Emile Berliner
within the piece.

Date: May 8, 1899:
Newspaper: The Washington Post
Newspaper Location: Washington, D.C.
Author: Lew Rosen
Quote Page 4, Column 2
Database: ProQuest

[Begin excerpt]
Emile Berliner, of Washington, is here on electrical business.
[End excerpt]

Newspapers.com states that it has many scans from "The Washington
Post". Unfortunately, it does not have any coverage in 1899.

[Begin newspapers.com database coverage claim]
The Washington Post
Washington, District of Columbia
1904 – 1922
205,569 pages
[End newspapers.com database coverage claim]


On Wed, Feb 23, 2022 at 8:23 PM Allen Koenigsberg <allenamet at aol.com> wrote:
> Hi
>  Although I have Ancestry and Newspapers.com, I have not been able to find an old (small) article in the May 8, 1899 issue of the 'Washington Post.' It was supposedly about the 'electrical' inventor Emile Berliner who had recently arrived in London (i.e. at the end of April).
>  Is it possible to obtain (print out) the original info without subscribing to the newspaper itself?
>  Thanks!
> Allen
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