[PW] 1899 shipping schedule of the Teutonic

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Hi Debby,
   Thank you for this info. Although this particular scan is somewhat tangled, the date agrees with the "Belfast News-Letter of Mar 30, 1899, p. 7. That is, the 'Teutonic' arrived in Liverpool on Wed, Mar 29, 1899. (after a trip of about 7 days). The big excitement in the BNL article involved the "sighting of an iceberg" on the 25th.
  Much appreciated.
Allen Koenigsberg
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I found this article in the Manchester Guardian from March 30th. It is not easy to read and the name of the ship did not get picked up in the OCR, but it appears to say that the ship arrived. There was another blurb in the March 28th paper saying it was expected on the 29th. 
Debby Andreadis
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  Although I did find an online shipping schedule from Liverpool to New York City for many years, I did not succeed in finding the same for NYC to Liverpool.   Specifically, I am looking for a Departure of the "Teutonic" (White Star Liner) from NYC on March 22, 1899. It would be great to know when that Trip arrived in England.
Allen Koenigsberg
allenamet at aol.com

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