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If I could suggest one other (slightly interesting) example:  caracara
 - As a single word "caracara" is both a genus and a family of birds typically found 
 in Latin America, one species of which, the crested caracara, is the National bird 
 of Mexico.
 - Also, as two words, "cara cara" is a type of navel orange (to which my wife 
 recently introduced me; they're actually quite good).

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Having 10 minutes to spare, and a word list on my computer, I wrote a
short program to search for pair isograms. I manually edited out the
ones that I didn't think were English words, mostly names of birds and such.

Here's the list. My favorites are the lovely "scintillescent" and the
Dickensian "Gradgrindian".

Anna, anna, appall, appearer, Barbra, Berber, beriberi, bilabial,
bonbon, boob, bulbul, caca, cancan, chichi, chowchow, couscous, Dada,
deed, dodo, dumdum, elle, Emmett, froufrou, Gigi, Gradgrindian,
grisgris, grugru, horseshoer, keek, Lulu, meteorometer, Mimi, mononymy,
murmur, Nana, noon, Otto, papa, pawpaw, peep, poop, prepossessor,
reappear, redder, retter, scintillescent, senescence, sestet, Tartar,
tattletale, teammate, teeterer, testes, tete, tsetse, tumtum, tutu,
unendued, unprosperousness, valval, vetitive

If anyone wants the unedited list or the program that found them, they
can email me.

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