[PW] Examples of Pair Isograms

Andy Behrens andy at behrens.net
Sun Jan 30 20:48:50 PST 2022

Having 10 minutes to spare, and a word list on my computer, I wrote a 
short program to search for pair isograms. I manually edited out the 
ones that I didn't think were English words, mostly names of birds and such.

Here's the list. My favorites are the lovely "scintillescent" and the 
Dickensian "Gradgrindian".

Anna, anna, appall, appearer, Barbra, Berber, beriberi, bilabial,
bonbon, boob, bulbul, caca, cancan, chichi, chowchow, couscous, Dada,
deed, dodo, dumdum, elle, Emmett, froufrou, Gigi, Gradgrindian,
grisgris, grugru, horseshoer, keek, Lulu, meteorometer, Mimi, mononymy,
murmur, Nana, noon, Otto, papa, pawpaw, peep, poop, prepossessor,
reappear, redder, retter, scintillescent, senescence, sestet, Tartar,
tattletale, teammate, teeterer, testes, tete, tsetse, tumtum, tutu,
unendued, unprosperousness, valval, vetitive

If anyone wants the unedited list or the program that found them, they 
can email me.

Strafford, Vermont

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