[PW] Searching for an old fantasy book

Jessica Savoie jdaniels533 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 19:26:59 PST 2021


I am searching for a book I read as a little girl, which was my mother's
when she was a little girl. She also remembers it fondly, but neither of us
can remember the title!

The story was a little strange, but essentially there is a beautiful girl,
and a rather ugly man, some sort of quest ensues, the man sacrifices
himself (can't remember if his death is part of story or implied) and is
resurrected? As a handsome man.

Some characteristics of the book that could be useful: it was my mother's
as a child, so that means it was published in the 80's or before. My mother
had a very religious upbringing, so it wouldn't surprise me if this was a
Christian story with the whole resurrection thing being some sort of
allegory - I don't remember whether or not religion was explicitly
mentioned though. The book had some pen drawings scattered throughout.
Also, my mother says she remembers the cover being green with pink flowers.

Thank you in advance, we're driving ourselves crazy over here!!


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