[PW] Source of Quotation that begins "Some people mirror our darkness" circa 1990s

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Wed Oct 13 22:25:33 PDT 2021

Dear Project Wombat,


I am looking for the origin of the following quotation or poem (I think it
is a quotation). I was given it on a piece of copy paper in 1993 by a
hospital chaplain in Atlanta, Georgia - he can't remember where he found it.

In 1994 I saw it on a Day-To-A-Page flip calendar (those specialty desktop
calendars that were popular in the 1990s in the USA - unfortunately I don't
know the calendar brand).  

Google search and list searches (e.g. JSTOR, Project Muse) have resulted in
no hits whatsoever.  Given that it was printed on a mass distributed
calendar, the origin must be captured somewhere.


The text:


"Some people mirror our darkness. Others adequately reflect our light.
Occasionally, we find one who does both. This is the one we either flee from
or grapple to our hearts with hoops of steel."



Note: The only partial hits I have discovered relate to the text from
Shakespeare's play Hamlet Act 1 Scene 3: Those friends thou hast, and their
adoption tried,. Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel,. But do not
dull thy palm with entertainment.

The quotation I am looking for was not this one. 


If anyone can shed light on the origin of this quotation, I will be
incredibly grateful!



Kind regards,

Kathryn Crissman


Kathryn Crissman

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