[PW] Looking for book - "corporate welfare" expose

Joyce Deming Joyce.Deming at JeffcoLibrary.org
Mon Oct 4 17:07:25 PDT 2021

Hello again!

You were all so awesome at helping me find an obscure poem back in September, I thought I'd try again, this time with a book-title "stumper."

The patron is looking for a book that she thinks was published "mid-century" (1950-1960).  It was an expose on how rich companies were being awarded government grants.  She said there were many small "chapters" covering individual companies.  The only chapter she remembers is Disney being awarded a government grant to hold its nightly fireworks show.

I've found a number of titles published in the 1970's thru the 1990's on "corporate welfare" but nothing from the time frame she's looking at.  I did find a short volume (24 p) which referred to a Sandia National Laboratory study priced at $300,000 to help Disney World improve its nightly fireworks show. (Aid for Dependent Corporations (AFDC) 1995 by Janice C Shields.) It was published by Essential Information, Inc which was founded by Ralph Nader.  Again, not in the decade(s) she's looking at.  (I beginning to wonder if the book was not actually published mid-century, but looked at examples from that time period.  I'm no expert, but did anyone really care about exposing corporate welfare back in the 1950's?)

Thanks so much for your help!

Joyce Deming

Jefferson County Public Library

Arvada, CO

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