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Sat Sep 18 12:44:11 PDT 2021

Joyce Deming wrote:
> I have an elderly library patron who is trying to recreate a collection
> of poems that were destroyed in a fire.  This is what she gave me
> to work with:
> Some lines she remembers:
> "and the impossible the soul longs after; is to build bridges there
> where none may build"

She may be looking for the following poem. Here is a citation and link.

Year: 1924
Book Title: Poems and Sonnets
Author: Frank Kendon
Poem: The Backwater
Start Page 30
Publisher: John Lane, The Bodley Head, London
Database: HathiTrust Full View


[Begin excerpt]
And the impossible a soul longs after
Is to build bridges there, where none; may build.
[End excerpt]

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