[PW] "Bawdy" joke told by Alice Roosevelt Longworth

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Ooo inquiring minds do want to know :)
I'm catching up on my emails, maybe I will see the answer :)

Happy Monday all...

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Hello, dear wombats --

I was a member for a while on Stumpers-L back in the day. What a lot of 
fun that was! I'm back with a question whose answer is eluding an 
extremely devoted group of fans:

What was the "bawdy" (or "ribald," or "disparaging," according to 
various sources) joke that Alice Roosevelt Longworth told about Woodrow 
Wilson, to his face, in public, that got her banned from the White House 
in 1916?

Seemingly a million websites mention the incident, but so far none that 
we can find actually tell what the joke was. Surely someone recorded it.

Filthy minds want to know! (I'm sure it will turn out to be quite tame 
by 2021 standards, but knowing Alice's reputation, witty all the same.)

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