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Ivan Van Laningham ivanlan9 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 09:11:18 PDT 2021

Hi All--
The Chicago BMC is located at 7500 Roosevelt Road in Forest Park IL.  It's
over a mile from there to the CTA stop at the Eisenhower Expressway.

That's not what I remember.  I worked there from mid-76 to mid-77, and I
remember it being almost at the expressway.  Most of the time I drove to
work, but for about two weeks in that bitter cold winter I had to take the
L from my home on the far north side (almost Evanston) to the stop near
Harlem and the Ike.  I remember the distance from the L stop to the BMC as
being pretty short--like two blocks or so.  I worked 3rd shift, so I would
have been walking in the most extreme cold--sometimes 30°F below.  I think
I'd remember that!

My question is, has the BMC moved since the 70s?


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