[PW] ? Novel in which two old black men talk about baseball

John Henderson jrhenderson9 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 14:27:46 PDT 2021

A request from a friend. She estimates that she read a novel about 30
years ago that took place in the South before the color line in
baseball was crossed. Title unremembered, but it might have been a
mystery. A minor part of the book, but the most riveting part for her
was the recurring conversation between a couple of “old black men"
whose families shared a history on the grounds of a plantation where
the action mostly took place. Their conversations ran the gamut from
slavery to music to baseball – especially their belief that white
teams needed the black players, who were generally better players,

Ring a bell with any one? If not, I can suggest some crowdsourcing
websites for her to try.

John Henderson
Ithaca College

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