[PW] Searching for a Title to a Poem

Zoey Mazur zgmazur20 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 19:26:03 PDT 2021

Hello there,
I am not entirely sure how this works but I am giving it a go.
I am looking for a poem that I read recently (less than two years ago) and
cannot seem to find again. It was pretty long, the author was female, and
it was contemporary. It starts out with the woman taking care of her mother
at the mother's rural farmland, and she eventually is walking out on the
land. It is wintertime and so she describes the gray sky and the frozen
land. Then she starts ruminating about a past relationship and how they ran
into each other again and they slept together but it was unfulfilling. I
think she relates her body and the land. When I remember the poem I see
flashes of the wooden house, the gray sky, the woman walking etc. Hope
someone can help!

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