[PW] short article in Norwegian (26 wds).

Allen Koenigsberg allenamet at aol.com
Sat Mar 20 12:40:13 PDT 2021

     In connection with some research, I have to translate a short entry in a Norwegian newapaper from Sep 2, 1887 ("Felt Raabet").
  I have tried entering the text here in English characters, but also have it in the original Norwegian font, if anyone needs that for confirmation.  A couple of the o's had a slash mark...
  " Kapt Ness aresterede Peter Dahl, der arbeide paa Hansens Molle i Nord, paa Forlangende af Emma Broberg, der siger Dahl er Far til hendes usobte Barn."
Much thanks!

Allen Koenigsberg
allenamet at aol.com

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