[PW] Another question about shelving books

Jill Weber jilldweber at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 09:57:25 PST 2021

Hi again!

Thank you all for answering my Dewey Decimal question! I now have a
question about shelving titles alphabetically. I've been doing research,
but I'm still uncertain. I know that articles (The, An, A) are ignored when
they're at the *beginning *of a title. So: "The Elephant" is treated as
"Elephant, The."

I don't *think *I ignore articles in the middle. So:
"Elle the Aardvark" would come *after *"Elle Elephant" because "the" goes
after "elephant".

I also think that use *all* the words when I file. So:
"Elle and the Zebra" would go *before *"Elle Elephant" because "and" goes
before "elephant."

Assuming that these titles are all by the same author, I believe the shelf
should read:

   1. The Elephant
   2. Elle and the Zebra
   3. Elle Elephant
   4. Elle the Aardvark

I'm worried about this because the library I work at has been closed
for renovations since before COVID. We've rearranged all the sections and
we're now shelving everything. I want to be sure I get my section done

Thank you in advance for your advice!

Jill Weber

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