[PW] Searching for the name of a Science Fiction work

Fred W. Helenius fredh at ix.netcom.com
Fri Dec 11 18:27:52 PST 2020

On 12/11/2020 8:31 PM, Sherman, James wrote:
> Hello -- I have a patron who is searching for the name of an adult science
> fiction title that was read before 1990 and features a main character who
> lives in NYC over which the powers-that-be are building a dome.
> Main character "commits a crime (possibly a thrill seeker like climbing
> buildings) and is sentenced to community service. One job he ends up with
> is as a rat catcher or exterminator.  The process of building the dome is
> very prominent in the story. As part of the building process teams of
> exterminators scour the city in order to remove all the pests.  It also
> explored community service as rehabilitation or to pay off one's debt to
> society. The main character figures out that the system works to his
> advantage if he doesn't wait for an assignment to be given to him, but if
> he shows up asking for an assignment he gets paid better and more credit
> towards his sentence. He completes his community service and moves to the
> moon where he learns to fly in low gravity."

I think this is likely to be a slightly garbled recollection of "The 
Years of the City" (1984) by Frederik Pohl.  The novel is a set of five 
related stories about the future history of New York City, including 
building a dome.  The protagonist of one of the stories is sentenced to 
community service (which includes rat removal) for illegal hang gliding. 
  However, his final flight is still on Earth; no one goes to the moon.

Fred W. Helenius
fredh at ix.netcom.com

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