[PW] Searching for the name of a Science Fiction work

Sherman, James jsherman at lapl.org
Fri Dec 11 17:31:17 PST 2020

Hello -- I have a patron who is searching for the name of an adult science
fiction title that was read before 1990 and features a main character who
lives in NYC over which the powers-that-be are building a dome.

Main character "commits a crime (possibly a thrill seeker like climbing
buildings) and is sentenced to community service. One job he ends up with
is as a rat catcher or exterminator.  The process of building the dome is
very prominent in the story. As part of the building process teams of
exterminators scour the city in order to remove all the pests.  It also
explored community service as rehabilitation or to pay off one's debt to
society. The main character figures out that the system works to his
advantage if he doesn't wait for an assignment to be given to him, but if
he shows up asking for an assignment he gets paid better and more credit
towards his sentence. He completes his community service and moves to the
moon where he learns to fly in low gravity."

I hope that this rings a bell for someone.  I found a list of Science
Fiction that features domes but the only work that sounded even close was
City of Darkness, by Ben Bova, but the patron said that was not the right
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