[PW] Do you imagine articles on subjects your knowledgeable say more than you do?

T. F. Mills phasco at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 3 13:58:21 PST 2020

Hsingai Altaica writes:

> the guy said you should have someone that doesn't know the subject read your paper 
> because if you're knowledgeable about the subject of the paper you'll imagine it 
> said more than it actual does.

That's not so much a quotable as standard advice to young novices.  At work here is a variant of the "curse-of-knowledge" fallacy, i.e. "surely everybody knows this."  With more experience, writers learn other tricks, like tailoring to their target audience (e.g. vocabulary, concepts.)  The flip side is inappropriate dumbing-down within a professional context.  (And if you are forced to dumb-down anyway, you are probably in a death-of-expertise civilizational crisis.)

T.F. Mills

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