[PW] currency leads to categorical thinking?

Karen Lofstrom klofstrom at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 16:35:15 PDT 2020

For currency, read Graeber on Debt.  Up-to-date and way more readable
than Marx.

As for categorizing things ... that's just what we do with language. When
we learn "dog" we have to learn what are to be considered dogs and what
aren't. This way pre-dates currency (which actually breaks down boundaries
between things and makes them convertible .

Karen Lofstrom

On Sun, Jul 19, 2020 at 12:47 PM Mary Davis <Mary.Davis at hillsboro-oregon.gov>

> I had a friend request reference help, and I'm ashamed to say that I am
> failing utterly on this one. He took a philosophy class in grad school
> years ago, and remembers the prof referring to either a book or an article
> that explored the idea that currency - interpreted loosely as using one
> item to stand in for another item for purposes of trade - led to expanding
> the practice of categorical thinking. I have found a lot of articles/books
> on the idea that language development spurs categorical thinking, and some
> sources that suggest the currency idea could be related to Marx and
> quantification...but this is where my searching falls apart, and I am
> unsure what search terms I should even be using at this point.
> I'm tempted to ask him for the professor's name and the class name and
> just email them to see if they ever saved the syllabus, but I thought one
> of you might know this off the top of your philosophically brainy head. Any
> philosophy majors out there?
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