[PW] Latin nursery rhymes

peter macinnis petermacinnis at ozemail.com.au
Wed Mar 25 23:25:39 PDT 2020

This is just for me.  More than 60 years ago, a certain Latin teacher 
despaired of teaching 40 boys the intricacies of Ovid's poetry, last 
period on a hot Friday afternoon, so she taught us nursery rhymes, in Latin.

One, of which I could only ever recall two lines of, turned up on the 
interwebs about 12 months back:

Mariae fuit Agnulus
Qui Vellus Niveum
Quoqunque conferabat se
Ducebat Agnulum

That's 'Mary had a little lamb', but I think there was a second verse 
that ended up ...rident videntes pueri/tam inauditam rem...

Can anybody complete the quatrain?

Any others?  Like:

Diccora diccora dogium,
Ascendit mus horologium,
Insonuit hora
Fugit mus sine morâ
Diccora diccora dogium.

And yes, as an active member of the University of Sydney Tiddlywinks 
Society, I know about Winnie Ille Pu


Peter Macinnis,
Stand-up chameleon,
Mistaken identity matrix artist,
Remote linguini sensing consultant.

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