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Thanks to Ellen Krupar and Janet Fear for their suggestions! I went over
the material with the patron and she thinks the book is probably Hough's,
despite her informant's belief that it was called Trees.  The other info
matched up.  I greatly appreciate the help!


On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 7:25 PM Janet Fear <fearja at gmail.com> wrote:

> 10 years ago the College Library I worked in for 40 years had Hough's  - it
> doesn't appear in the catalogue now
> Hough's American Woods with actual specimens
> 8 text volumes + 16 notebook folders containing 1161 actual specimens of
> wood from 385 varieties of trees and bushes, sliced thin, set in window
> mounts. 9x6, cloth. A new edition of Romeyn Hough's great work on American
> trees and woods, first produced between 1888 and 1928, the final volume
> coming out four years after the naturalist's death. Hough described his
> magnus opus as “illustrated by actual specimens, and being in this way an
> exhibition of nature itself it possesses a peculiar and great interest
> never found in a press-printed book.” The present edition was produced
> using remaining samples that Hough had gathered but not used in the
> original publication, and has textual contributions by Hough's daughter,
> Miss Marjorie G. Hough. All save 8 of the mounts display three specimens
> from a species of tree in transverse, radial and tangential sections; the
> remaining 8 have only two specimens. Each specimen is about 2x4½” in size
> and cut thinly enough to be partially translucent. A tremendously important
> work for ecologists as well as connoisseurs of American furniture and
> antiques.
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