[PW] Tree book with actual pieces of wood

Janet Fear fearja at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 16:25:33 PST 2020

10 years ago the College Library I worked in for 40 years had Hough's  - it
doesn't appear in the catalogue now

Hough's American Woods with actual specimens
8 text volumes + 16 notebook folders containing 1161 actual specimens of
wood from 385 varieties of trees and bushes, sliced thin, set in window
mounts. 9x6, cloth. A new edition of Romeyn Hough's great work on American
trees and woods, first produced between 1888 and 1928, the final volume
coming out four years after the naturalist's death. Hough described his
magnus opus as “illustrated by actual specimens, and being in this way an
exhibition of nature itself it possesses a peculiar and great interest
never found in a press-printed book.” The present edition was produced
using remaining samples that Hough had gathered but not used in the
original publication, and has textual contributions by Hough's daughter,
Miss Marjorie G. Hough. All save 8 of the mounts display three specimens
from a species of tree in transverse, radial and tangential sections; the
remaining 8 have only two specimens. Each specimen is about 2x4½” in size
and cut thinly enough to be partially translucent. A tremendously important
work for ecologists as well as connoisseurs of American furniture and
Janet Fear

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