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On 12/4/2019 3:31 PM, Bill Davis wrote:>
 > A friend wants to know what is being said in two instances in the film
 > in the film The Winslow Boy (1948).
 > At 1:17:14 this dialogue appears:
 > Well, so much for right and wrong!
 > So much for Sir Robert Morton!
 > Well my dear, I did rather
 > spade on him, didn't I?
 > Dear Father, that's not the point!
 > And my friend wasn't sure he was saying "rather spade."
 > And at 1:23:03:
 > The Admiralty regrets it cannot go
 > back on the decision it has already taken.
 > I have no more
 > to say on the matter.
 > There's a specimen
 > of English justice!
 > That's no answer!
 > That's no answer!
 > Shame!
 > Shame.
 > It's very hard to understand what an Irishman is saying here. It sounds
 > like "speshbelove" more than anything.
 > These lines do not appear in the original play or the 1999 film.
 > AlexanderStreet (proquest) has a "continuity script" for the movie that
 > I would like to share with him, or at least see if it indicates what the
 > dialogue was supposed to be at these points in the script.

The following site


contains what appears to be a transcript of closed captions for this 
movie.  For the first scene in question, it reads as follows:

   So much for right and wrong.
   So much for Sir Robert Morton.
   Well my dear, I did rather
   stay down, didn't I?
   Yes father, that's not the point.

For the second scene, background comments such as "Shame!" seem not to 
have been captioned.  The transcript also differs significantly in 
wording from what your friend provided:

   The Admiralty administration cannot go
   back on a decision it has already taken.
   I have nothing more to say.
   Damn disgrace about English justice!
   That's not an answer!
   That's not an answer!
   Let right be done? Impossible.

Fred W. Helenius
fredh at ix.netcom.com

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