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 Helen, Joseph Payne Brennan is very well known among readers of horror short-fiction (and he was a prolific poet and published his own little magazine, MACABRE, over a long stretch when there weren't Too many little magazines in horror and fantasy fiction), but is otherwise not terribly well-remembered by readers in his own country. Such collections as NINE HORRORS AND A DREAM are very much worth seeking out. His "Levitation" (along with "Canavan's Back Yard" and "Slime" probably his best-known stories) is one of the most deft horror vignettes I read in my youth...or since. (I was also somewhat surprised to find his poetry was published in leftist magazines in his early career). King is certainly one of those clearly influenced by Brennan.
Good hunting! (You can do much worse than Aickman, as well.)
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 Dear people,

you are BRILLIANT. I did a lot of research but failed. Thank you SO MUCH for forwarding my message to more readers of this genre. Also, that you provided a link to an audio version is so polite. I just listened to it and it is still mesmerizing and, yes, I think it's not by accident that the two persons who feel drawn to this backyard and equally appalled are male. There is something female about this field. I will get a print version to have a closer look.

Shame on me, the author's name didn't ring a bell. He seems to be wildly unknown in my country and was probably only translated into German for anthologies together with other authors. How interesting that he influenced Stephen King who (as I just read) praised this particular story. (I think there is a link to the deadwood in PET CEMETERY) 

I will also try Robert Aickman, Dennis.
Again, thank you all! 😊 You did a great job.

Kind regards,

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