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The online Science Fiction Encyclopedia has an article about the
writer David H. Keller that includes a summary of the story "Revolt of
the Pedestrians" (Amazing, February 1928). The tale describes a group
of people who "lost the use of their legs" because they traveled
everywhere using automobiles.

Website: Science Fiction Encyclopedia
Entry on: David H. Keller M.D. (David Henry Keller)
Date: August 31, 2018
Entry written by: JC (John Clute)

[Begin excerpt]
"The Revolt of the Pedestrians" may be the most remarkable of Keller's
stories for Gernsback; it is certainly one of the strangest. It is one
of the relatively few sf tales before around 1970 to treat the
hypertrophy of automobile culture in the twentieth century as
Dystopian (see Prediction; Transportation); after centuries,
"automobilists" have become almost organically tied to their
Pollution-emitting cars, have lost the use of their legs, and have
made pedestrianism a fatal offence. After the leader of a band of
pedestrians turns off all electricity, legless automobilists die
helplessly in their millions . . .
[End excerpt]


On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 10:34 PM Janet Ball <mariedelee at gmail.com> wrote:
> Does anyone know the title and author of a sci fi story (novel?) about a
> future world in which everything is provided through automation and the
> human inhabitants lose their limbs through disuse? When I saw Wall-E I was
> reminded of this story, but I'm starting to wonder if I dreamt it up.
> Thanks!
> Jaime
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