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Thanks for the suggestion about the vintage newspapers - I will take a look!


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I would suspect that any library with actual, physical newspapers that old would not wish to get rid of them.

However, many libraries (including mine) will have such newspapers available digitally and/or microfilm.  You could print out front pages, ads, etc. and have them blown up to newspaper size.

A quick search online for "vintage newspaper" brings up many articles of clothing, but also newspapers for as little as five dollars.  I cannot vouch for their authenticity.

On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 10:02 AM Bratton, Phyllis <pbratton at uj.edu> wrote:
> Good morning -
> Our Theater Department is looking for some old newspapers from about 1907 to use as props.  The year does not need to be exact, just something with a turn of the century look.  Is anyone willing to get rid of old newspapers, or does anyone know where we can buy some for a reasonable amount of money?
> Many thanks for any help!
> Phyllis
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