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"*assuming* you can find one"

On 15 October 2019 11:45:10 am AEDT, "Shapiro, Fred" <fred.shapiro at yale.edu> wrote:
>It's getting to be that time of year again.  In the next month and a
>half or so I have to finalize my list of the 10 most notable quotations
>of the year, disseminated by the Associated Press, and would welcome
>input.  The criteria are quotations that are famous, or important, or
>particularly revealing of the spirit of our times.  Invariably many of
>the quotes are political in nature, but I do very much want some
>nonpolitical quotes from fields such as popular culture, sports,
>business, science, etc.  I also would like to have some foolish quotes
>from Democrats to give the list some balance.
>Below are some of the candidates that have been suggested to me. 
>Suggestions of additional quotations would be most welcome.  Note that
>quotes from December 2018 may be eligible.  Internet memes can be
>considered if they are very popular.
>Attention Sylvia Milne:  I know that my lack of U.K. quotations on
>these lists has been a source of great consternation to you over the
>years.  This is your chance to remedy that lack at least slightly.  I
>would love to include some famous or historic 2019 quote relating to
>Brexit, such as a quote from Boris Johnson or from the U.K. Supreme
>Court.  Can you suggest any such quotes?
>Fred Shapiro
>I would like you to do us a favor though.
>Donald Trump
>We are in the beginning of a mass extinction.  And all you can talk
>about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth.  How dare
>Greta Thunberg
>I have no obligation to be honest to the media because they're just as
>dishonest as anybody else.
>Corey Lewandowski
>Just marry one woman. ... If you can find one.
>Elizabeth Warren, Response to hypothetical person believing marriage
>should be between one man and one woman
>He [President Trump] is a racist, he is a con man, and he is a cheat.
>Michael Cohen
>I have the right to do whatever I want as president.
>Donald Trump
>No human being would want to live in Baltimore.
>Donald Trump
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