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I think I know the book you mean. It was an early volume in a series about
a US high-school girl. I recall asking my mother about the term "Good
Neighbor Policy" when I read it, so it was probably from the immediate
postwar years. The exchange student was from Brazil, very beautiful, and
(in this community) exotic-looking. The other teenagers began teaching her
slang, and she shocked her host family by commenting "Is stinky, yes?"
about something unpleasant. Meanwhile, the jealous heroine was having
troubles regarding sales of tickets to some student event. The book was
bound in one of those hard covers that didn't need a jacket because it was
coated in clear varnish. But the title?—there, I can't be of help. Maybe
this description will spur someone else's memory.


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On Fri, Sep 20, 2019 at 3:15 AM John Henderson <jrhenderson9 at gmail.com>

> A friend has asked me for help in trying to locate a book that would
> have been published in the mid-fifties. It was included in her Disney
> Book a Month Club collection. It was a story about an exchange student
> from South America to the US, and it became her guiding star!! So far,
> those are the details from her I have.
> She was interested in either finding out the name of the book or at
> least learning of resources were she could make an enquiry "to find
> something that esoteric."
> I've gone to Google Books and find no novels about exchange students
> written in the 1950s. Does it sound familiar to anyone? I haven't kept
> up with the online resources for people to ask about forgotten books
> and am not sure what the recommended ones are these days.
> John Henderson
> librarian, retired
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