[PW] ?Fifties novel about a foreign exchange student from South America

John Henderson jrhenderson9 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 19:04:22 PDT 2019

A friend has asked me for help in trying to locate a book that would
have been published in the mid-fifties. It was included in her Disney
Book a Month Club collection. It was a story about an exchange student
from South America to the US, and it became her guiding star!! So far,
those are the details from her I have.

She was interested in either finding out the name of the book or at
least learning of resources were she could make an enquiry "to find
something that esoteric."

I've gone to Google Books and find no novels about exchange students
written in the 1950s. Does it sound familiar to anyone? I haven't kept
up with the online resources for people to ask about forgotten books
and am not sure what the recommended ones are these days.

John Henderson
librarian, retired

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