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There is a book called *Hamburger: A Global History* by Andrew F. Smith
(published 2008)

Although there is only one reference to Hawaii in this book we can make
some general references about the popularity of each food item in the
United States.

*Hamburgers *(pp. 18-23)

They became popular in the United States in the late 19th century on lunch
wagons during the Industrial Revolution.

The book specifically states that "Hamburgers were even enjoyed in Hawaii
before the islands were annexed by the United States (p.21)" Hawaii was
annexed in 1898

By the 1920s burgers were considered to be a staple food in American homes
and indoor burger joints started.

*French Fries *(pp. 37-8)

French Fries were around before WWII but were not popular because the
technology used to cook them was not economical for fast food restaurants.
However, during WWII food rationing caused a shortage of beef and an
abundance of potatoes causing french fries became popular.

*Milkshakes* (pp. 85-6)

Milkshakes and malts became popular during prohibition and fast-food
restaurants started selling them in the 1930s.

Another suggestion is to listen to or read oral histories about Pearl

I am not sure how much these oral histories will talk about the food and
culture of Hawaii in 1941, but the Veterans History Project
<https://www.loc.gov/vets/stories/ex-war-pearlharbor.html> at the Library
of Congress has a lot of interviews from Pearl Harbor survivors that you
can watch or listen to online.

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