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 Dennis Lien's citation of the article about Manly Wade Wellman's occasional use of the term and concept "gardinel", for a living human-trap plant in the form of a house or shack, left out one notable variation Wellman rung on the concept, the 1951 story "Larroes Catch Meddlers", wherein the sentient and carnivorous house is a larroe. Apparently a folk concept at least as widespread as that of the gardinel, which might've been a Wellman invention...larroes and variant captures of the term apparently also appear in the writings of Joel Chandler Harris, Shirley Anne Grau and others. The LIGHTS OUT tv series offered an adaptation of the Wellman story which was rather effective for something from the heroic years of tv drama, but, then, it had better source material than the Arch Oboler originals, for very much the most part. 
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    On Monday, July 29, 2019, 08:30:06 PM EDT, Sherman, James <jsherman at lapl.org> wrote:  
 Hello, I have a patron looking for novels  narrated by buildings .  There
are titles that have been described as having the building "as the main
character", such as *Life: A Users Manual  by Perec*
Or  *The Uninvited Guest *by Jones, or a couple of books in Shirley
Jackson's oeuvre, and there's also Manderley of *Rebecca*.... there's quite
a few that have the house as more than a setting and something of a

Still, none of the examples I or my colleagues could think up or find had
the building talking, much less narrating the action.

I am eager to find out if we missed something.  Thank you!
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