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>From Wikipedia: Coroebus of Elis, [Koroibos (Greek: Κόροιβος Ἠλεῖος)], was a Greek cook, baker and athlete from Elis, who won the stadion race in the first recorded Ancient Olympic Games in 776 BCE.

There was another, also an ancient, with that name, but he was more legend than real. From Wikipedia: Coroebus, son of King Mygdon of Phrygia is a character of Greek legend. Trojan War era soldier who got himself killed trying to impress a girl. 
It must be as you say, a pen-name.          Sue W
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19On Saturday, July 27, 2019, 10:23:17 PM AKDT, Donna Halper  <dlh at donnahalper.com> wrote: 
 On 7/28/2019 1:58 AM, ADSGarson O'Toole wrote:
> The target quotation appeared in "The New-York Mirror" on March 18,
> 1826. Matching text appeared in "The National Advocate" on March 6,
> 1826 under the pen name COROEBUS. There were no quotation marks around
> the target text; hence, COROEBUS might be the original author.

I might be totally off-base, but wasn't Coroebus the name of the winner 
of the first Olympics race, circa 776 BCE?  Seems to me any uses after 
that are pen names.
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