[PW] Novels with buildings as characters/main protagonists

Sherman, James jsherman at lapl.org
Mon Jul 29 17:29:47 PDT 2019

Hello, I have a patron looking for novels  narrated by buildings .  There
are titles that have been described as having the building "as the main
character", such as *Life: A Users Manual  by Perec*
Or  *The Uninvited Guest *by Jones, or a couple of books in Shirley
Jackson's oeuvre, and there's also Manderley of *Rebecca*.... there's quite
a few that have the house as more than a setting and something of a

Still, none of the examples I or my colleagues could think up or find had
the building talking, much less narrating the action.

I am eager to find out if we missed something.  Thank you!

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