[PW] 1950-era novel about a physicist

Bradley Scott bradley.a.scott at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 07:11:51 PDT 2019

A quick search of WorldCat for subject headings physicists and fiction,
with a publication date limit of 1930-1955, brings up seven possibilities.
A couple of them look pretty unlikely, but there are some pretty well known
and popular authors' works in there.  Perhaps one of those titles will look
familiar.  Several of them deal with characters involved in the atomic
weapons development projects of the 1940s, which would of course have been
a hot button issue (no pun intended) circa 1950.

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If it's not one of these, you and/or your friend may want to get your hands
on a copy of Samuel C. Florman's "Engineering and the liberal arts : a
technologist's guide to history, literature, philosophy, art, and music",
published in 1968.  I don't have a copy immediately at hand, but I recall
it as including a kind of a "best books" reading guide for
technically-oriented people of the time, and it might have mentioned any
popular books from the previous decade or two that featured a physicist as


Bradley A. Scott
whose own copy of the suggested book by Mr. Florman may or may not be
somewhere in Schopenhauer's storage unit.

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