[PW] Sandra Seamans, RIP

Todd Mason foxbrick at yahoo.com
Thu May 30 10:42:19 PDT 2019

Patti Abbott this morning reports the death of Sandra Seamans:

Sandra Seamans served the writing community selflessly by posting contests and calls for stories on her blog, MY LITTLE CORNER. She wrote wonderful stories herself until the dual deaths in 2015 of her husband and mother. She never bounced back from her grief. I am sure she died before her time due to that blow. A collection of her stories was published as an ebook by SNUBNOSE PRESS but when the press closed, her ebook disappeared. Some are lucky enough to have it on their e-reader. 

https://parisefuneralhome.com/tribute/details/1767/Sandra-Seamans/obituary.html?fbclid=IwAR3y8cCRV7X7j_Y3gvi25ZumtqegqKS16KrXxr-OXLrJPC5AgvwoyWi3hao#content-start  or 


Todd Mason

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