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Left off inadvertently:

Specialty Press Award
    Awarded to Raw Dog Screaming Press, Jennifer Barnes and John Edward Lawson.
Mentor of the Year Award
    Awarded to J.G. Faherty.
Silver Hammer Award
    Awarded to Jess Landry for excellent service to the organization.
Richard Laymon President’s Award
    Awarded to Brad Hodson for excellent service to the organization.

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2018 Stoker Awards Winners 

 May 13, 2019
The Horror Writers Association (HWA) has announced the winners of the 2018 Bram Stoker Awards:


Superior Achievement in a Novel

    * WINNER: The Cabin at the End of the World, Paul Tremblay (Morrow)
    * The Hunger, Alma Katsu (Putnam)
    * Glimpse, Jonathan Maberry (St. Martin’s)
    * Unbury Carol, Josh Malerman (Del Rey)
    * Dracul, Dacre Stoker & J.D. Barker (Putnam)

Superior Achievement in a First Novel

    * WINNER: The Rust Maidens, Gwendolyn Kiste (Trepidatio)
    * What Should Be Wild, Julia Fine (Harper)
    * I Am the River, T.E. Grau (Lethe)
    * Baby Teeth, Zoje Stage (St. Martin’s)
    * The Moore House, Tony Tremblay (Twisted)

Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel

    * WINNER: The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, Kiersten White (Delacorte)
    * Dread Nation, Justina Ireland (Balzer + Bray)
    * Sawkill Girls, Claire Legrand (Katherine Tegen)
    * Broken Lands, Jonathan Maberry (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers)
    * The Night Weaver, Monique Snyman (Gigi)

Superior Achievement in Long Fiction

    * WINNER: “The Devil’s Throat”, Rena Mason (Hellhole)
    * Our Children, Our Teachers, Michael Bailey (Written Backwards)
    * “You Are Released”, Joe Hill (Flight or Fright)
    * “Dead Lovers on Each Blade, Hung”, Usman T. Malik (Nightmare 11/18)
    * Bitter Suites, Angela Yuriko Smith (self-published)

Superior Achievement in Short Fiction

    * WINNER: “Mutter”, Jess Landry (Fantastic Tales of Terror)
    * “Dead End Town”, Lee Murray (Cthulhu Deep Down Under: Volume 2)
    * “Glove Box”, Annie Neugebauer (The Dark City Crime & Mystery Magazine 7/18)
    * “A Winter’s Tale”, John F.D. Taff (Little Black Spots)
    * “And in Her Eyes the City Drowned”, Kyla Lee Ward (Weirdbook 5/18)

Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection

    * WINNER: That Which Grows Wild, Eric J. Guignard (Cemetery Dance)
    * Spectral Evidence, Gemma Files (Trepidatio)
    * Coyote Songs, Gabino Iglesias (Broken River)
    * Garden of Eldritch Delights, Lucy A. Snyder (Raw Dog Screaming)
   * Dark and Distant Voices, Tim Waggoner (Nightscape)

Superior Achievement in an Anthology

    * WINNER: The Devil and the Deep, Ellen Datlow, ed. (Night Shade)
    * A New York State of Fright, James Chambers, April Grey & Robert Masterson, eds. (Hippocampus)
    * A World of Horror, Eric J. Guignard, ed. (Dark Moon)
    * Hellhole, Lee Murray, ed. (Adrenaline)
    * Lost Highways, D. Alexander Ward, ed. (Crystal Lake)

Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction

    * WINNER: It’s Alive: Bringing Your Nightmares to Life, Joe Mynhardt & Eugene Johnson, eds. (Crystal Lake)
    * Horror Express, John Connolly (PS)
    * The Howling: Studies in the Horror Film, Lee Gambin (Centipede)
    * We Don’t Go Back: A Watcher’s Guide to Folk Horror, Howard David Ingham (Room 207)
    * Uncovering Stranger Things: Essays on Eighties Nostalgia, Cynicism and Innocence in the Series, Kevin J. Wetmore Jr., ed. (McFarland)

Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection

    * WINNER: The Devil’s Dreamland, Sara Tantlinger (Strangehouse)
    * Artifacts, Bruce Boston (Independent Legions)
    * Bleeding Saffron, David E. Cowen (Weasel)
    * Witches, Donna Lynch (Raw Dog Screaming)
    * War, Marge Simon & Alessandro Manzetti (Crystal Lake)

Superior Achievement in a Graphic Novel

    * WINNER: Victor LaValle’s Destroyer, Victor LaValle, Dietrich Smith & Joana Lafuente (BOOM!)
    * Abbott, Saladin Ahmed, Sami Kivela & Jason Wordie (BOOM!)
    * Moonshine Vol. 2: Misery Train, Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso (Image)
    * Bone Parish, Cullen Bunn (BOOM!)
    * Monstress Volume 3: Haven, Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda (Image)

Superior Achievement in a Screenplay

    * WINNER: The Haunting of Hill House: “The Bent-Neck Lady”
    * Annihilation
    * Bird Box
    * Hereditary
    * A Quiet Place

--forward by Todd Mason  

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