[PW] Magazine similar to Motor Trend

Todd Mason foxbrick at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 17 15:28:08 PDT 2019

 Back in the '70s, CAR AND DRIVER was the best magazine of its kind in the field, taking a bit of a smartass attitude and less slavish approach (in not genuflecting to the automakers) to the new models than the other general-interest auto magazines, and was better-written as well. But I haven't looked at the magazines in this field since then, as my father used to subscribe to C&D and MT and occasionally pick up some of the others (he had been a semi-pro sports car and stock car racer in the '60s, and had an Avenger body on a Porsche chassis waiting for him to have enough time and funds to get back into that until the end of the '70s, when he finally sold it rather than haul it out to Hawaii for his work promotion.
Todd Mason
    On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 4:03:26 PM EDT, Carolyn Haley <dcma at vermontel.net> wrote:  
 At 03:48 PM 4/17/2019, Angela wrote:
>TI'm renewing/ ordering magazines for our 11 branches.  The 
>magazines which don't go out at all, or hardly ever, I want to let 
>expire and find a good replacement.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to 
>find a good replacement for Motor Trend.  Seems the few mentioned, 
>we already have.

Which few do you already have? I would recommend Car & Driver.



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