[PW] Request verification in Rolling Stone mag - Found It!!!

Donna Halper dlh at donnahalper.com
Fri Mar 22 23:16:53 PDT 2019

So, I have located an even earlier version of the quote, and yes it's a 
real quote.  Garcia and the Grateful Dead had launched a series of 
events to support rain forest preservation, including the aforementioned 
Madison Square Garden concert, and a talk Garcia gave before the United 
Nations.  According to Bernice Paglia, reporter for the Bridgewater NJ 
Courier-News, 10 October 1988, p. B3, during the UN talk, Garcia noted 
that fans of the Grateful Dead needed to plunge into this [cause] and 
find out what you can.  The first step is to find out stuff." He then 
said that it was members of Greenpeace who persuaded the band to get 
involved, and he hoped fans would do the same.  Commenting that he now 
believed the Grateful Dead's role was telling people the rain-forest 
issue was a matter of global survival, he added, "It seems pathetic that 
it has to be us."

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