[PW] spurious Spinoza quote?

T.F. Mills phasco at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 22 11:47:55 PST 2019

'bat colleagues, I need help, please.

Albert Einstein said "I believe in [Baruch] Spinoza's God."  That much is clear.  But there 
seems to be a longer elaboration of this that is neither Einstein nor Spinoza.

I am looking at this Spanish text that vaguely purports to be Einstein quoting Spinoza:


If you click on "see original" at the bottom of this text, it gives what appears to be not the 
"original," but rather a poor English machine translation of the Spanish.

I think I have traced most of the original Spanish text to Enrique Martinez Lozano (Spanish 
sociologist & theologian, b. 1950), wherein he does not mention Einstein or Spinoza:


Can anybody confirm that the words are indeed originally by Martinez, and nothing quite like it 
in Einstein or Spinoza?  (even if in a 21st century new agey way they somewhat reflect the 
philosophy of Einstein and Spinoza.)

Can anybody also confirm that Einstein's "I believe in the God of Spinoza" was basically a 
pre-1930 one-off remark as explained here:


and not something that he routinely elaborated on lecture tours after his arrival in the US in 

T.F. Mills 
(Colorado, USA)

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