[PW] Ebooks seem like 'Netflix for libraries, ' but they're a drain on budgets By Bob Fernandez, The Philadelphia Inquirer/AP

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Mon Jan 21 11:54:19 PST 2019

Courtesy Jeff Segal: https://lompocrecord.com/business/ebooks-seem-like-netflix-for-libraries-but-they-re-a/article_ea720d1e-5ad8-522f-93fb-84da095ad048.html

The book-crammed Free Library of Philadelphia has found a way to stay relevant in the 21st century: ebooks. Last year, 28 percent of the Free Library's total circulation of more than five million books came from ebooks and other digital content.

But it hasn't been nirvana for the library and its taxpayer-funded peers.
As popularity soars, publishers and content providers have adopted "metered access" and per-checkout models for ebooks and other content. Those models are guzzling library cash and resulting in book-lending inefficiencies, library officials warn. A so-called perpetual ebook license for libraries could be four or five times the cost of either the printed book or the digital copies sold to consumers.{continues]
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