[PW] Abbreviation used in hand-delivered mail?

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Sat Dec 1 10:54:44 PST 2018

Can we see a snippit of the page with the omission? Sometimes it helps to
see the flow of the work.
I just use the snipping tool which comes with windows.

*Thanks,Nicole Winard*

*Shakes <https://www.folger.edu/> & Apes

On Sat, Dec 1, 2018 at 11:46 AM John Cowan <cowan at ccil.org> wrote:

> I'm asking this on behalf of piffle, the social sublist of the Dorothy L.
> Sayers mailing list.  The question has no particular connection with
> Sayers's work, however.
> The original poster writes:
> I am trying to track down an abbreviation. It is a series of three (?)
> > letters, which when written on  a letter, show that it is to be hand
> > delivered by the favour of a third party.
> For example,
> Mark Smith writes a letter to John Brown. Mark hands the letter to Tom
> > Green. Tom Green is to give the letter to John Brown when they meet on
> > Monday.
> In the top left-hand  corner of the envelope  is written
> > By hand XXX Mr T Green
> The name Mr John Smith is written centrally on the envelope in the usual
> > place.
> The letters XXX show the missing abbreviation.  I suspect that it is an
> > abbreviation  for a French phase.
> Conjectures offered by the collective Pifflemind were:
>    - c/o (presumably "by the courtesy of" rather than "in care of")
>    - LAM or LLM for "livraison à la main" (labeled "a wild guess")
>    - per (not an abbreviation, of course)
> All these were rejected by the original poster, who said that he saw it
> used by an elderly friend, now dead; I'd conjecture the OP is no spring
> chicken himself.  Do womb at ts have any other ideas or references to offer?
> advTHANKSance.
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