[PW] Abbreviation used in hand-delivered mail?

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Sat Dec 1 08:45:49 PST 2018

I'm asking this on behalf of piffle, the social sublist of the Dorothy L.
Sayers mailing list.  The question has no particular connection with
Sayers's work, however.

The original poster writes:

I am trying to track down an abbreviation. It is a series of three (?)
> letters, which when written on  a letter, show that it is to be hand
> delivered by the favour of a third party.

For example,

Mark Smith writes a letter to John Brown. Mark hands the letter to Tom
> Green. Tom Green is to give the letter to John Brown when they meet on
> Monday.

In the top left-hand  corner of the envelope  is written
> By hand XXX Mr T Green

The name Mr John Smith is written centrally on the envelope in the usual
> place.

The letters XXX show the missing abbreviation.  I suspect that it is an
> abbreviation  for a French phase.

Conjectures offered by the collective Pifflemind were:

   - c/o (presumably "by the courtesy of" rather than "in care of")
   - LAM or LLM for "livraison à la main" (labeled "a wild guess")
   - per (not an abbreviation, of course)

All these were rejected by the original poster, who said that he saw it
used by an elderly friend, now dead; I'd conjecture the OP is no spring
chicken himself.  Do womb at ts have any other ideas or references to offer?


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