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Thank you for all the great help.


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HiYou might try looking on facebook or yahoo groups for a Doll Pattern group,look for one with lots of members. Also do a search on google for DollWorld Pattern Forums, there are a lot of hits coming up on Pinterest. Ifyou go into Pinterest there are links there that might helpYour library may be physically small but go in and ask them to help youlook through the online databases and public access catalogs, they can helpyou access other libraries. They may be able to locate another library thathas digitized the magazines.And check with a few doll museums, another place where collections end up.https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/doll-museums-around-the-world-775042CheersKentOn Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 4:40 AM Kay Lancaster <kay at hub.fern.com> wrote:> On Saturday 2018-11-24 12:42, pensoverswords at aol.com wrote:>> > I like sewing and making cloth dolls. I was texting with> > someone online who said she went through older issues from the> > 1970s-1980s of Doll World magazine at her library and found a> > ton of soft doll patterns. My question is is there a way to> > find similar patterns online maybe through online> > journals/databases? I live in a smaller community so I don’t> > know that my local library would have much. Is there a way I> > could do some type of subject search to figure out what> > libraries might have the largest selection? Is there a way I> > could get a library card through that library maybe out of> > state if I purchase one to access the information? Are there> > online databases online not through a library I could look at?> > Two other questions-I used to subscribe to Dollhouse Miniatures> > magazine? They used to have a craft-club where they had dvds> > and cds on how to make miniatures. I contacted them recently> > and they said they no longer had them and apparently they> > didn’t know who else would. I have checked the more common> > places like amazon, etsy, and ebay who don’t have it. Does that> > mean I couldn’t get the dvds or cds at all now? Is there a way> > to borrow it through a library? Last question-Similar to the> > above question I saw this pattern online on a website but> they> > already sold it used. I don’t mind buying it used but again I> > haven’t found it on etsy or ebay. Are there other ways to> > possibly find the pattern? It is a pattern from a cloth doll> > series called Button Nose Kids from the 1980s and I haven’t> > found any of the patterns in the series and I’d love to be able> > to buy any of them even used. Thank you in advance for any/all> > help. If you don't know directly could you possibly refer me to> > other resources? Thank you again.>>> I'm not a librarian, but I do sew, and I have a couple of> suggestions for you.  The first is to talk to your local public> library to see if they can borrow items on interlibrary loan for> you.  If you know sources like "Doll World", you can see what> libraries hold what issues on a resource like worldcat.org:>> http://www.worldcat.org/title/doll-world/oclc/26948892&referer=brief_results> Note that many public libraries tend to discard periodicals after> X years, so it's probably wise to confirm any holdings still> exist before you trudge off to visit a particular library.> Academic libraries are more likely to hold on to what they have> rather than discard; those can usually be used by the general> public, though you'll not be able to remove any materials from> the building, in my experience.>> Doll World, National Doll World, and International Doll World all> seem to be part of the same publication, renamed at times.> Here, for instance, is the holdings of National Doll World from a> large public library near me:> http://catalog.multcolib.org/search/o3175913 followed by Doll> World:>> http://catalog.multcolib.org/search~S1?/jInternational+doll+world/jinternational+doll+world/-3%2C-1%2C0%2CB/frameset&FF=jinternational+doll+world&1%2C%2C3>> Backing up a step, I searched the subject "dolls periodicals" at> Worldcat for you:> http://www.worldcat.org/search?q=su%3ADolls+Periodicals.&qt=hot_subject>> My second suggestion is to put a WTB (Want to Buy) ad in sewing> forums like patternreview.com if you can describe what you're> looking for whatever. (e.g., a 1980s pattern series called> "Button Nose Kids").  In most instances, you'll have to join the> forum as at least a "free member" to do this.> https://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/allclassifieds.pl> There is a "sew its for sale" facebook group that might be> useful: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sassysewingsales/> I'd also ask in any doll forums you might frequent.  Etsy is> another good place to look, though I'm not seeing anything there> at the moment.>> Don't forget to google or otherwise search anything you might> know about a particular pattern.  For instance, I entered "button> nose kids doll pattern" in Google and found>> https://www.newvintagestudio.net/store/p72/TODD_The_Button_Nose_Kids_Anatomically_Correct_Doll_Pattern_18%22_%C2%A91981_by_Waverly_Lynn_.html> which gives us both an actual year of publication of one of the> patterns, and the designer's name, Waverly Lynn.>>> But I would definitely start with the librarians at your local> public library.>>> Happy hunting!>> Kay> _______________________________________________> Project Wombat - Project-Wombat-FM> list at project-wombat.org> http://www.project-wombat.org/-- Kent B. Lewis(850) 449-4841_______________________________________________Project Wombat - Project-wombatlist at project-wombat.orghttp://www.project-wombat.org/

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