[PW] Appeal for a Particular Type of Quote

Shapiro, Fred fred.shapiro at yale.edu
Wed Oct 31 05:08:38 PDT 2018

I am starting to think about my annual list of the 10 most notable quotations of the year, disseminated by the Associated Press.  Because of the sorry times in which we live, the list tends to be dominated by stupid or ridiculous or deplorable quotes by politicians.  This type of quote seems to emanate more often from one of the major U.S. political parties than from the other.  However, both parties have stupidity, ridiculousness, and deplorableness, and I am anxious to represent both parties.  Therefore, even before I send out my usual appeal for suggestions of quotes of all kinds, I am appealing for suggestions of stupid, ridiculous, or deplorable quotes by Democrats.  Stupidity/ridiculousness/deplorableness is, of course, a very subjective matter, with one person's stupidity being another person's wisdom, but I would welcome all kinds of suggestions; I'll have to sort out myself which of the suggestions meet my criteria.

Fred Shapiro

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