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Ed Helmrich's attempted quote ("She remembered nothing of the incident except that Brett 
Kavanaugh did it.") is so similar to Trump's ghastly performance that same day at a 
Mississippi "rally" (these almost weekly unprecedented fascist-style rallies) that one can 
almost charitably assume that was Ed's intent.  Almost.  

Concerning Trump's comments on Kavanaugh-Ford at that rally, Charles P Pierce writes very 
eloquently in the current Esquire (3 Oct):

"This video captures perfectly where we are as a nation at this moment in history. It shows 
with startling clarity the end result of civic disengagement and democratic apathy. It shows 
without question that we have allowed our republic to fall into the hands of a sociopath whose 
feeling for his fellow human beings can be measured against a poker chip. It shows beyond a 
shadow of a doubt that the better angels of our nation have been sold out to anger, and 
greed, and stone hatred. It shows precisely the depths to which our fellow citizens will follow 
this bag of old and rancid sins. Some of those citizens know better. Some of them don't. All 
of them are dangerous blockheads.  

"Look at the man behind the seal of the President of the United States, mocking the 
recollections of a survivor of sexual assault. In my life, I have watched John Kennedy talk on 
television about missiles in Cuba. I saw Lyndon Johnson look Richard Russell squarely in the 
eye and and say, "And we shall overcome." I saw Richard Nixon resign and Gerald Ford tell 
the Congress that our long national nightmare was over. I saw Jimmy Carter talk about 
malaise and Ronald Reagan talk about a shining city on a hill. I saw George H.W. Bush 
deliver the eulogy for the Soviet bloc, and Bill Clinton comfort the survivors of Timothy 
McVeigh's madness in Oklahoma City. I saw George W. Bush struggle to make sense of it all 
on September 11, 2001, and I saw Barack Obama sing "Amazing Grace" in the wounded 
sanctuary of Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina. ...  

"And comes now this hopeless, vicious buffoon, and the audience of equally hopeless and 
vicious buffoons who laughed and cheered when he made sport of a woman whose lasting 
memory of the trauma she suffered is the laughter of the perpetrators. Now he comes, a man 
swathed in scandal, with no interest beyond what he can put in his pocket and what he can 
put over on a universe of suckers, and he does something like this while occupying an office 
that we gave him, and while endowed with a public trust that he dishonors every day he 
wakes up in the White House....  

"Watch him make fun of the woman again. Watch how a republic dies in the empty eyes of 
an empty man who feels nothing but his own imaginary greatness, and who cannot find in 
himself the decency simply to shut the fuck up even when it is in his best interest to do so. 
Presidents don't have to be heroes to be good presidents. They just have to realize that their 
humanity is our common humanity, and that their political commonwealth is our political 
commonwealth, too.  

"Watch him again, behind the seal of the President of the United States. Isn't he a funny 
man? Isn't what happened to that lady hilarious? Watch the assembled morons cheer. This is  
the only story now."  

Full text here:

I eliminated a few paragraphs above, but the whole piece is so eminently quotable that I had 
trouble reducing it further.  Fred, I hope you use at least some of this.

T.F. Mills 
(Colorado, USA)

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